Coach | Co-Founder | Ex-COO | 10+ years in Tech & Business

I make business growth
and innovation
accessible and enjoyable

With a strong foundation in business management and tech innovation, coupled with my deep belief in the transformative power of coaching, my mission is to help ambitious business leaders unlock their potential through technology and self-awareness.

How I bring my mission to life:

No-Code / Low-Code Automation and Development:

Since 2015 I have leveraged no-code and low-code tools such as Make, Airtable, Zapier, Xano, WeWeb, and MS Power Automate to craft customized automation solutions and MVPs. These solutions streamline workflows and empower businesses to test their ideas and scale efficiently, bypassing the limitations inherent in traditional software development.

This capability is enriched by my deep understanding of business dynamics, informed by nearly 15 years of leadership and strategic execution in senior management roles and as an entrepreneur.

Complementing this business insight is my robust technical foundation, which includes a Computer Science degree and experience in roles such as full-stack developer, project manager, and business analyst. This blend of tech expertise and business understanding uniquely positions me to bridge the gap between innovative technology solutions and strategic business growth.


Through coaching, I guide business leaders and entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential, translating their ambitious visions into tangible success. My approach is informed by real-life business leadership experiences, including navigating the complexities of business management and co-founding a company. These experiences have provided me with a practical understanding of what it takes to achieve the freedom of a balanced life, where success is measured by fulfillment, not just achievements.

Discovering the transformative power of emotional intelligence in 2013-2015 within an educational startup, I was immersed in EQ's foundational principles, shaping my future approach to coaching. My journey continued in 2020-2021 at the Institute of Metacognitive Programming, where I gained my initial coaching education and practice hours.

I'm currently undergoing ICF-accredited education.